My thoughts hopped from redbud pods ~ to piano keys ~ to classical music ~ to Freddy Mercury.  Apparently Scaramouch was a character in the Commedia dell’arte.  Who knew?


I’m measuring time in developmental milestones, and trying to keep my mouth shut. 


Imagine trusting silence more than any thought you can come up with. ~Adyashanti


As far as I’m concerned, the sun and synchronicities can keep on coming.


In the darkness of night, under the dome of stars, and surrounded by friends, I was in want of nothing. 


I’m feeling such a sense of spaciousness lately, despite my outrageously long to-do list. 


Life feels rather overwhelming right now.  I am so grateful for the built-in respites.




They were giddy when they saw the colors.  It was just the response I was hoping for.


LIke a messenger from the realm of transformation, she came to remind me that nothing ever really dies.

No day is a good day to say goodbye.